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Fakenham Ukes is a merry band of fun-loving, fund-raising local people from all walks of life who love to make music together and entertain others throughout north Norfolk.  From  professional musicians to gifted amateurs and enthusiastic  beginners they perform a wide range of contemporary popular music from the inevitable George Formby  to  George Ezra  to country and western and the Beatles.  Sing-alongs are encouraged and usually unstoppable anyway!


Mostly retired but  open to all ages (oldest members being a frisky eighty year olds), the band  aims to have fun, make fun for others and do some good. They play in old people’s homes, at village fetes, carnivals, private parties usually for a nominal fee, all monies raised going to local charities and good causes.


To showcase their talents Fakenham Ukes will be playing at Wells Maltings on 24 August at 7.30 p.m. to raise funds to encourage local children to participate in the performing arts, particularly music, singing and drama.

A group of budding musicians who meet at the Gallow Club every Tuesday morning and try to learn to play the Ukulele, with varying success! But! all of our gigs have been very well received.
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